Organizations essentially revolve around challenging functions that take a great toll on their employee psychology and spirituality, not to mention productivity. A highly stressed employee’s productivity is immensely reduced and demonstrates a marked deviation from the standard performance expected by the company. Identifying the dire need for employees to resolve their stress related issues, several organizations now integrate Meditation and Yoga into their monthly routines.

Our sessions are distributed between a one hour talk on a chosen topic and an hour of practice. These are multiplied on different topics based on the length of the workshop. At the end of each workshop, the attendees are certain to show a marked improvement in their performance that positively contributes to the overall productivity of the organization.

NAMA conducts the following Meditational programmes for corporates:

  • One Day Workshop:
    Total Duration 4 hours – 2 hours Morning and 2 hours Afternoon.
  • Three Day Workshop:
    Total Duration 12 hours @ 4 hours Each Day
    2 hours Morning and 2 hours Afternoon

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