Meditation though has been viewed, defined and interpreted in various ways, is actually an established “ scientific ” method of self control that can be attained through harnessing ‘ Breath Energy.’ By learning to do so, one establishes a firm control over the mind, which ultimately enables a peaceful spiritual state and generates great positive energy.

Meditation is a process that brings in a state of enlightenment and a high degree of self awareness, which, in turn, enables us discover our inner spirit and true physical and mental strength.

At NAMA, we firmly believe that the literature on the yogis, rishis, and saints of history and mythology has not been exaggerated when it was claimed that they lived for centuries. The analogy was at best meant to demonstrate the efficacy of Meditation in their lives and how it gave them great strength to perform great deeds through which they are remembered even today.

Meditation transcends age, gender, race and is never confined to any particular creed or caste. It is purely a Spiritual Science that makes us rediscover and reinvent ourselves.

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