Though there are several texts and resources available everywhere on how meditation can be performed or practiced, many of them unfortunately suffer from the lack of a personal element, which could be the chief acting force on the sermon. If people wonder why their practice did not fetch the right results, it could chiefly be due to this factor. One needs to be effectively guided when practicing the right method of Meditation.

For you to practice Meditation regularly, the right way of meditation must be learnt initially. And that is where NAMA comes in.

Here you are acquainted with the most reliable methods of meditation, how they can inspire and how they should be performed. Our workshops are planned carefully for a diligent use of time and how you can gain quickly and effectively through Meditation.

Once you participate in NAMA sessions and have completed a workshop, you will be aware of how you can independently Meditate without anyone else’s involvement. Later you can practice regularly, based on the training received.

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