M.Tech ( IIT Delhi)
Founder & Chairman

P. RAMJAGDEESH was born on 15th April, 1981, in a family of small farmers to Sri Ramachandraiah and Smt Ramanjanamma. Hailing from Kadapa, in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. RAMJAGDEESH was determined to pursue a better life through rigorous education and hard work. His resolve saw him successfully complete his schooling and graduation through difficult times. But his determination to further his education and career earned him the most coveted Post Graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, in the year 2006. Then he began his career from the Reliance Group. However in a few years he left for the UAE where he worked for DIPLOMAT ENGINEERING LLC, an accomplished company in Dubai, till 2010.

Soon he found that he couldn’t resist the call of his motherland and willingly returned to India and joined NCC LTD, where he worked till 2013, as a Planning Manager. His strength in Civil Engineering soon propelled him to establish an institute separately, named “MVS Academy,” which was started purely for the purpose of training students for the GATE Exam in Civil Engineering. This soon proved to be a success story as students thronged to be taught by RAMJAGDEESH. Today, the institute is a standing icon for excellence in Civil Engineering and has seen successful smiles in hundreds of students.

From his younger days, RAMJAGDEESH was impassioned about the Discovery of the Inner Self. Having been quite religious since childhood, he would visit a number of temples and look upon with wonder at the divine being. He studied the Bhagavad Gita as he believed it to be an awakener of the human spirit. However he gradually found that all his devotion to God failed to let him discover himself. He constantly had such questions as “ Who am I? ” “ What is the Purpose of Life? ” and such others which drove him to an unquenchable thirst for answers.

In the year 2001 however, he was introduced to Anapanasati Meditation at Tirupathi, the greatest Hindu temple of India. From thence he began to follow it rigorously and religiously and soon mastered the Art and Science of Meditation.
In the early days of his initiation into Meditation, he would at times, spend nearly eight hours in a day meditating. Gradually, he began to gain several spiritual experiences and felt he had received sufficient messages from the divine source. He was also thoroughly inspired by spiritual books and was especially consumed by the Bhagavad Gita. The ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramahamsa Yogananda, also exposed him to the deeper meaning of spirituality.

He also was greatly attached to the works of Osho, Carlos Castaneda, Jane Roberts, Annie Besant, Lobsang Rampa among others. His passionate acquaintance with the lives of these great “Masters in Meditation,” through their books, triggered in him a yearning to spread the magic of this Divine Source of Enlightenment.

RamJagdeesh carries a deep conviction that his true purpose of life is to help people connect with the self and realize their own spiritual power giving them lasting peace and happiness and letting them live in harmony.

NAMA is a personification of Ram’s objective of spreading the word of meditation across India and envisions communicating its essence, gradually, to the entire world.

Through NAMA, RamJagdeesh intends to combine his personal spiritual experiences with the knowledge of the Great Masters he had mastered and convey a powerful message to everyone about the enchanting divinity and Power of Meditation.

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