NAMA_LogoAs each day we confront new challenges, make new discoveries and conflict with forces that deprive us of the peace and happiness we yearn for, we fail to realize that discovering the strength to overcome all these pressures actually lies right within us.

The inevitable and indubitable fact is that meditation is the Only Road to the Discovery of Your True Strengths and subsequently Your True Self. And when you realize your true strengths… nothing, literally ‘nothing ’ appears challenging!

At New Age Meditation Academy – “ NAMA,” we believe that ‘ Meditation ’ is the ultimate human science, a Science of Spirituality that can energize you, heal you and awaken you to your Greater Self. Through NAMA, we demonstrate that Meditation…when practiced correctly, can show you how to Self Energize, Self Heal and enhance Faith in ‘ Yourself.’

The moment we free our minds from all worldly and stray thoughts, we experience a different dimension: that of absolute peace. And when our mind and body are at peace, we begin to experience a new strength which enhances our capabilities both mentally, physically and spiritually. And this is precisely what “NAMA” aims for.

We strive to discover ourselves through meditation. The Philosophy of NAMA is: “Enhancing the quality of Human Life though the Science of Meditation.”

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